Public transport regulations during lock-down

Last Updated On May 06, 2020

Government Gazette No. 43157 contains directions applicable to all public transport services.

Owners of public transport facilities must on regular intervals provide adequate sanitizers or other hygiene dispenser for washing of hands, as well as disinfection equipment for the users of public transport services.

The public transport vehicles must be duly sanitized before picking up and dropping off passengers. The drivers of the vehicles must also wear a mask.

A vehicle which is licensed to carry:

· 4 passengers may now only carry 1 passenger; and

· 8 passengers may only carry 3 passengers.

In terms of Government Gazette No. 43158, cross-border freight movement will continue to and from neighbouring countries. Cross-border road passenger transport may however not be provided.

Failure to comply with these directions are an offence and on conviction, transgressors would be liable to a fine or imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months, alternatively both a fine and imprisonment