Eugenie Bouchard Reaches Settlement With USTA In Lawsuit Over US Open Fall

Last Updated On November 21, 2018

Eugenie Bouchard reached a settlement with the US Tennis Association to end her lawsuit over a locker room fall at the 2015 US Open Tennis Championships.

The tennis player had sought unspecified damages in the suit, claiming the USTA was at fault for applying a slippery cleaning product to the floor of a physiotherapy room where she fell after playing a late mixed doubles match.

In their opposition of the claim USTA argued that Bouchard should have known the darkened room was being cleaned at 23h00.

The argument on the amount of damages and who are at fault were separated and the matter initially only proceeded on the merits.

The Court found Bouchard’s contributory negligence at 25 percent and USTA 75 percent liable for the fall, which left Bouchard with a concussion. At the damages phase of the trial, lawyers for both sides had argued before the jury about the appropriate amount. Midway through this phase the lawyers informed the judge that the parties had “agreed to resolve the case”

The terms of the settlement were confidential.